Tips To Modernize Business Marketing With Digital Media

how to modernize marketing digital media business advertising

With email marketing open rates dipping down to about 10% - 25% or lower, most businesses need to try more innovative ways to reach their customers. By using new marketing strategies and taking advantage of popular tech innovations, businesses are able to keep customers updated. Consider the following four ideas when trying to replace email marketing. 

Use PPC Ads for quick results. When making the shift from using email newsletters to marketing through other avenues, businesses should use PPC or pay-per-click ads. This type of advertising allows businesses to purchase ads that will be listed within search engine results. 

When consumers search for relevant keywords, these PPC ads will show up alongside the regular search results, usually near the top on Google. Businesses only pay for the percentage of ads that are clicked on. Send SMS Updates When it comes to SMS marketing, businesses can expect to see open rates as high as 95%. This incredibly high open rate means businesses are able to reach their audience much more effectively through text messages. With the help of SMS services for small business, companies are able to guarantee that more of their customers will open, read, and act on the information. 

Use Social Media Marketing Strongly. With around 3.5 billion people on social media, businesses that use social media marketing are able to expand their reach in ways they can’t with email marketing. This is especially true when you run a best network marketing business in 2023 that needs major promotion on social media marketing platforms.

By focusing their efforts on social media campaigns for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and similar platforms, businesses are able to actively engage with interested users. With regular posts, DMs, and sponsored ads, businesses are able to target their audience through all forms of social media. 

Create a Business App if you can. Most brands today are hopping on the trend of developing an app. While customers have to download and use the app, most brands find that having a mobile app helps to improve brand recognition, build customer loyalty, foster customer engagement, and stand out from the competition. 

When customers might otherwise not open an email after receiving an email notification, many businesses find that customers are more likely to open a brand’s app after receiving a notification. While still used in some circles, email marketing isn’t quite as effective as it used to be in the past. By turning to more effective marketing techniques, businesses no longer have to worry about how to entice their customers to open their emails. 

With PPC ads, SMS marketing, social media campaigns, and the use of mobile apps, businesses can improve the way they connect with their customers. Keeping connected with customers is key to modernize your marketing and advertising!

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