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Seeking Guest Bloggers & Sponsored Content Articles

Michael Schiemer Media Blog is looking for experts in the field of digital marketing, SEO, social selling, email marketing, and traditional advertising to submit guest blog posts and sponsored articles. Write for us to build my blog and build your backlinks!

Article requirements are pretty simple with a minimum of 600 words of high-quality unique content that has not been previously published elsewhere. Provide me with a unique image that you own the rights to or I will use appropriate royalty-free stock images from Pixabay, Pexels, Canva, Unsplash, or similar free image platform. 

Several permanent dofollow links are allowed and I add in some internal links of my own and external links to other websites I own or manage. An author bio is allowed as well with links to your social media pages, with a small author headshot if desired.

You can include up to 3 permanent dofollow backlinks per post in addition to relevant authoritative links and internal links!

Here are some examples of previous guest blog posts and sponsored blogger articles:

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- SEO Service Provider

Get Guest Posting For Better Backlinks Building

Your ability to grow website traffic depends on a lot on backlinks quality. Every link from a high DA site in your niche can grows your reputation. And with a stronger reputation comes higher traffic and conversions. This is why Michael Schiemer Media links can be precious for individuals serious about crushing with SEO. The downside to all of this is, high-quality backlinks might be difficult to obtain. Don't let that dampen your mood though when it comes to your business website search engine optimization. Reason is, my team and I have spent the past few years building up an SEO network that allows us obtain high quality links for all kinds of niches. 

And now you can take advantage of that to populate your site with vetted, highly relevant top domain authority backlinks, thanks to this guest posting link-building professional service. Over the years, this service has been crucial in helping thousands of our customers rank for specific keywords, climb up the SERPs and pull in more leads. Which means, it can help make you do the same, if you have similar goals? 

Grow And Go On Google Even In The Age Of ChatGPT

We feel that SEO is HARD already and now there is "ChatGPT". Is this even wise to continue SEO in a post-chatGPT world? This question... This question has been eating the soul of almost all webmasters since the launch of ChatGPT. and why not? We think that ChatGPT is just BRILLIANT and is already shaking entire world including the soul of SEOs, copywriters, planners and basically everyone who is on the internet. 

So, is chatGPT a real threat to the SEO world? According to this report - ABSOLUTELY NOT! In post ChatGPT world- google searches are not down even by 1%. If anything- google is doing better in this ChatGPT world and therefore If you are into SEO- Keep hustling because SEO is here to STAY! Infact - some companies are putting MORE MONEY into SEO this year 2023. SEO is here to stay and 

ChatGPT makes your life EASIER: SEO is here to stay and with the right SEO approach- you can increase your revenue and traffic MULTI-FOLD than what was possible before ChatGPT. If you have not been using ChatGPT then You should run and start using that everyday from now. SEO. How to do it successfully in 2023 in Post ChatGPT world? We feel that there are 2 kinds of websites. High Authority websites and then "Your website". 

High authority websites tend to rank for a thousands of keywords on their own. They are so strong that every time they post an article- they immediately start ranking. On the other hand, your website is trying too hard to rank only for a few keywords.

SEO With A Pro

Guest posting still works great for building backlinks, domain authority, and referral traffic. It is time you SEO like a pro and not a shmo. We will have plenty more guest blog posts and sponsored content articles have been written with many on the way each week.

Contact Us Today if you are interested in writing for us by providing valuable guest blog posts and sponsored blog articles. Write for us today!

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